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I have been designing for print magazines for roughly 18 years. During my career I've art directed launches, relaunches and everything in between. I've been passionate about magazines since I picked up my first copy of Smash Hits in 1987 and still truly believe in the power of the print. I'm now striving to embrace the new digital revolution in media as well as honing my printed designs to reach new audiences in magazines, brand design as well as advertising shoot production and layout.

My career has spanned 18 years, Art Directing 5 magazines and producing over
300 photo shoots. The focus has always been to create surprising, innovative, intriguing designs. Since working at Women's Health I've tried to work 'outside
the square' while still understanding the essence of the target audience's needs
and changing tastes.

Harnessing the balance of unique and communicative graphic design is my professional mission.

EMAIL - info@adamstuartwilliams.com
PHONE - +61 404 934 279
LETTER - 3 Caldwell st, Darlinghurst, Sydney, NSW, 2010, Australia